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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Youth Sunday - April 12

7:39:00 AM By Bobby 7 comments

This Sunday, April 12 the youth will be running the Sunday feast program...cleverly named "Youth Sunday". The youth will be cooking the Sunday feast as well as leading in the singing for the aratis with a really special 8 o'clock kirtan which will go on until 9PM!

If you are a youth and would like to help with the cooking, please email the Pandava Sena youth group ( Cooking starts at 12 noon. If you can't come that early, please come out and support our youth :)


Anonymous said...

How young (or old) does one have to be, to be considered a "youth"?

Bobby said...

Ahhhhhh good question. At our temple our 'youth' are defined as 13-30. Please email the Pandava Sena youth group if you'de like to help out!

...but no matter what age, we would like all to come out for the this special Sunday program.

Anonymous said...

Youth server leaves a bad taste.
Well, it was "youth" sunday. First off, thank you to all who participated. However much still needs to be desired. Being a server myself on several occassions at the sunday feast program over the 10+ years at iskcon toronto, it was with saddness that the experience was less than comfortable. Carrying one tray and a kid in hand, I reached the final server in the line,(ahh halva time ). After putting the halva on the plate, I tried several times( 4-5 at least) verbally trying to get his attention,( I wanted an additional 1/2 puri form my kid). He refused to even look at me, but he would talk to a girl who walked up beside him( I dont, think it was an emergency!!). I even tried to wave in front of me but, still no acknowledgement. This was very embarrasing, I guess a serving spoon in hand swells the ego, so that the lowly servees, are well ...just that lowly . YOUR SERVICE IS NOT A RIGHT ITS A PRIVELEDGE. And please serve sincerely from the heart and not form your ego.
One sunday out of 52 for the year in not much, so smile, and dont look like you are being forced. The other servers for the rest of the year seem to do it with such joy, hey maybe I will get a chance to serve you one day, I will smile and say Hare Krsna to you nontheless.

Anonymous said...

(This is for the Anonymous prabhu who left the above comment)
Yeah I think the server prabhu might have not noticed you that's all, I'm sure he didnt mean to offend you.

Keshav said...

Hare Krishna prabhu. First of all, on behalf of the temple, I'd like to thank you for all your years of service. We apologize for the fact that you felt mistreated while being served prasadam by the youth.

That being said, I can assure you that there was no intention to "ignore" devotees while serving prasadam. Please remember that these youth gave as much as they could, from the bottom of their hearts, to serve the temple and it's devotees. They were cooking all day in the kitchen, cleaning, organizing the program and, yes, serving prasadam. They did this all with the intention of serving the devotees. They took on a lot of services which they do not normally do (imagine cooking for, and serving, 500 people). So while there may be small hiccups along the way, please remember that their overall amazing efforts were done just to serve devotees. To accuse them of "swelled egos" is really not fair.

Also, with respect to this blog, we leave the ability for comments to be left on blog posts to stimulate positive discussion and interaction amongst devotees in our community. Our preference would be that when there are issues and complaints, that the "Contact Us" form on the right-hand side of our blog is used and thus done in a private manner. We hope this desire can be respected.

Your opinions and feelings are always ready to be heard and we take each complaint with utmost seriousness. But we ask that you contact us personally through the "Contact Us" form and we will take the appropriate actions. We hope you can find in your heart to forgive the youth in light of the tremendous effort they made yesterday to deliver a wonderful Sunday Feast yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Keshav prabhu! I never even met you and i can already see what an awesome devotee you are from when just you talk or announce stuff! hare Krishna! lol

Keshav said...

Credit should go where it is deserved... and such credit really deserves to be given to all the awesome devotees of New Remuna Dhama, including the youth who gave us such a memorable Sunday Feast!