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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Experience the Bliss-Sankitan Saturday on June 27, 2009

5:14:00 PM By Madhavi , 1 comment

We would like to officially invite you to the first ever Greater Toronto Area Monthly Sankirtan Festival (GTA-MSF). The inspiration behind this initiative is HG Vaisesika das who took Toronto by storm a few weeks back with his wonderful kirtan, soul-stirring lectures and practical seminar on sankirtan.

Sankirtan is a Sanskrit term which means the congregational chanting and sharing of the names and glories of Krishna, which is the reccomended process for spiritual success. In the Hare Krishna tradition, sankirtan is associated with sharing our spiritual culture with the public via the timeless books, translated by Srila Prabhupada.

We know that some of you regretfully were not able to make it out for the seminar and/or get to hit the streets when HG Vaisesika das was here, but regret no further! On Saturday June 27, 2009 you’ll get another opportunity to experience the bliss yourself! Part of the MSF initiative is to bring everyone together, and so in that spirit the MSF will begin with the morning program at the Toronto Hare Krishna temple at 4:30am on June 27, 2009. The program will include a morning worship ceremony, some time for mantra mediation and will include a discourse that will discuss the benefits of sankirtan. A short seminar on the practicalities of how to distribute books will follow, and by 11am we should hit the streets and stay out until 2pm.
Being part of the MSF is not simply restricted to coming out on book distribution. There are various avenues where you can help contribute to make this event a success! Whether it be helping to prepare prasadam (sanctified vegetarian food), spreading the word about the event, helping out with logistics, being part of the harinama team (who will sing the Lord's names) or just being a friendly face who wants to watch everyone else, we encourage everyone to please come out!

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Hare Krishna!

If there is time, a quick presentation might help. Link from LA site.