Toronto's Hare Krishna Temple

Toronto's Hare Krishna Centre (ISKCON Toronto), has always been the hub of a rich, vibrant and enthusiastic community. Whether it be grand festivals, programs at local universities and yoga studios, philosophical discussions, cooking sessions, or singing and dancing on the streets, there are events taking place for everyone's interest.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashback Photos: Ratha-Yatra!

With Ratha-Yatra around the corner, this edition of ISKCON Toronto Flashback Photos is themed to get you into the festive mood!

The small deities of Jagannath, Baladeva & Subhadra were the first deities at ISKCON Toronto. They were originally installed when the Temple was located on Gerard St.
Can you guess who this is, celebrating Ratha-Yatra many years ago?


Anonymous said...

Mother Subuddhi?

Anonymous said...

Our beloved and dear Mother Subudhi!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Mo Subs! She has not changed much!

Keshav said...

All correct guesses! It is indeed our beloved Mother Subuddhi! Well done, everyone!