Toronto's Hare Krishna Temple

Toronto's Hare Krishna Centre (ISKCON Toronto), has always been the hub of a rich, vibrant and enthusiastic community. Whether it be grand festivals, programs at local universities and yoga studios, philosophical discussions, cooking sessions, or singing and dancing on the streets, there are events taking place for everyone's interest.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Youth Morning Program - This Saturday!

4:50:00 PM By Madhavi , , , No comments

This Saturday, November 7th, 2009, a warm invitation goes out to one and all to join the Pandava Sena youth group and the rest of the youth in coming out for a very sweet and intimate experience at the temple.

Please come and join the temple devotees for the regular morning service, consisting of arati, japa (mantra meditation), Bhagavatam class, kirtan, and of course delicious breakfast!

The program begins at 4:30am with Mangala Arati and finishes at 9:00am followed by breakfast prasadam. Feel free to contact if you have any questions or concerns or if you are looking for a ride, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.