Toronto's Hare Krishna Temple

Toronto's Hare Krishna Centre (ISKCON Toronto), has always been the hub of a rich, vibrant and enthusiastic community. Whether it be grand festivals, programs at local universities and yoga studios, philosophical discussions, cooking sessions, or singing and dancing on the streets, there are events taking place for everyone's interest.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A "Bhakti-Blasting" Good Time to Bring 2010!

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The Hare Krishna Centre in Toronto plans on living up to its reputation as the hot-spot for spiritual excitement over the next few days as we collectively usher in the new year! More information will be coming soon but, for now, here is a breakdown of what to expect as we bid farewell to 2009 and welcome 2010!

Bhajan-Prasadam Festival - Dec 31, 2009
The third annual Bhajan-Prasadam Festival will be held on December 31, 2009 and will bring a full day and evening of kirtan, tantalizing vegetarian feasts and the association of bhakti-yogis! The format for the festival is simple. Spiritualists gather at the temple and sit together in the grand main temple room (hall) and chant together. We take breaks for wonderful vegetarian prasadam (sanctified vegetarian feasts)! (More information coming soon!)

Maha-Harinama @ City Hall - Dec 31, 2009
The Hare Krishna temple has become known for the drumming, dancing, chanting and wild kirtans! So why not burst from within the comfortable confines of our temple and share the transcendent experience of kirtan with the people of Toronto? And why not do it at one of Toronto's biggest parties?! As the Bhajan-Prasadam Festival winds down (around 10:30pm), we will gather at the temple, bundle up nice and warmly and head to City Hall via subway. We gather in front of Old City Hall and lead a raucous kirtan! After the midnight fireworks, we make our way, amidst the tens of thousands of people, to Yonge-Dundas Square for a little more kirtan and then subway it back to the temple for hot ginger tea and snacks (usually around 2:30am). (More information coming soon!)

Prabhupada Festival - Jan 1, 2009
A yearly tradition that is honoured at the hundreds of Hare Krishna Centres around the world, the annual Prabhupada Festival will highlight the evening of January 1st, 2009. Beginning at 6:00pm, the evening will feature kirtan, a class, a small dramatic presentation and an amazing vegetarian feast. This festival is always a huge event with the temple packed to the brim with devotees! It'll cap off two days of wild festivities, but we promise that the evening will deliver an experience that will not be forgotten! (More information coming soon!)

Toronto's Hare Krishna temple would like to extend a warm invitation to you and your family to join us for these wonderful festivities as we ring in the new year. We will be posting more information about each of these events very shortly. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to email us!