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Friday, January 29, 2010

Cleaning Our Hearts.. the Toronto Krishna Way!

11:20:00 PM By Vijay Teli , , , , , 4 comments

How would one cleanse their heart? If a person felt their heart could use a good scrubbing, what would you tell them to do? On Saturday January 23rd, a very special project was launched at the Hare Krishna Centre. The project is named "Ceto Darpana Marjanam" (Project CDM) and entails regular cleaning of the temple as a group.

The first initiative of this project took on the daunting task of thoroughly cleaning the temple kitchen. So cleaning one's heart can be as simple as rendering devotional service!

"Ceto Darpana Marjanam" literally means cleansing the heart of all the years and years' worth of accumulated dust. Our amazing temple kitchen can certainly be described as one of the hearts of the temple as it is the origin of the delicious, karma-free vegetarian feasts that are characteristic of the Hare Krishna Centre. It is always bustling with a fury of activity, so it was the obvious choice for the first Project CDM.

A group of intrepid spiritualists gathered at midday to take on the challenge of ridding the kitchen of every trace of dirt or grease. Hours and hours of hard work were put in and, after the task was accomplished, the day was capped of with kirtan and a pizza party!

Check out some memorable photos of the event!

For more information about this project please contact the Toronto Sankirtan Team.


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looking forward to the next CDM! Great vid as well and song! Haribol!! - Sing Lung

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Yeah! It will be a lot of fun! Everyone is welcome!