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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New ads in the Toronto Subway on being Vegetarian

11:18:00 PM By Madhavi

Thousands of Torontonians take the TTC daily to go to school, work and back home. The TTC Subway carts are full of different ads, but recent ads by an independent group called Be Veg have been catching the attention of Subway goers. Using a simple question of "Why love one but eat the other", these ads ask Torontonians why do they love pets like dogs and cats, but eat farm animals like cows, chickens and pigs.They show the inhumane conditions these animals are put through to produce meat. They urge the readers to be compassionate and think about what they are eating and where it is coming from.

The tradition of Bhakti Yoga, which is practiced by the Hare Krishnas, believes in being a strict vegetarian to show compassion to all living beings. Check out this video that showcases reactions from some of the people who travel by trains and have seen the ads.