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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Auspicious Month of Damodara (Kartik)

10:12:00 PM By Vijay Teli

The lunar month known as Damodara/Kartik falls between October 19th and November 17th. This month is celebrated as an opportunity to dive deeper in our spirituality. This month is described as especially dear to Krishna and sincere spiritualists keep it sacred through acts of devotion and vows of austerity aimed at increasing their spiritual strength and allowing them to draw closer to Krishna.

It was during Kartik that Lord Krishna allowed Himself to be bound with ropes by His mother, Yashoda. Out of loving anger at her transcendentally naughty child, she tied him (dama) around the abdomen (udara) with ropes. Thus the month of Kartik is also known as the month of Damodara, “He who was bound around the abdomen”.

Several festivals also fall within this auspicious month including Diwali on November 3rd and Govardhan Puja on November 4th. Please stay tuned to for more information about Kartik celebrations at Toronto’s Hare Krishna Temple!

Additionally, Kartik is observed by offering lamps and chanting a special prayer to Lord Damodara known as the  Damodarastakam (Click HERE). The Padma Purana, an ancient text, assures:
“Even a person addicted to all sins and averse to all pious deeds who somehow offers a lamp during Kartik becomes purified. Of this there is no doubt.”
During the month of Kartik, every day at 7am and 8pm at ISKCON Toronto we will offer ghee lamps and chant the Damodarastakam prayers *no lamp offerings on Sunday evenings.

As a special initiative for this holy month of Damodara, devotees from ISKCON Toronto will host Damodara Programs in the homes of our congregation members to spread the glories of the Lord. Please contact Program Coordinator, Satyabhama devi dasi for more information or to book a program.

This special month also presents several sponsorship Opportunities:

Diwali – Sunday, November 3rd
Deity Garlands: $351
Govardhan Puja – Monday, November 4th
Deity Garlands: $351

Kartik Deepa Dana
"If somebody burns a lamp in the temple of Lord Shri Hari even for a short time (in the month of Kartik), then whatever sins, he has acquired for millions of  kalpas (one kalpa equals 1000 yugas) are all destroyed."
Sponsor Daily Lamp Offerings to Lord Damodara $51
Diwali Deepa Dana $108

Please contact Satyabhama devi dasi for sponsorship enquiries.

Happy Kartik!