Toronto's Hare Krishna Temple

Toronto's Hare Krishna Centre (ISKCON Toronto), has always been the hub of a rich, vibrant and enthusiastic community. Whether it be grand festivals, programs at local universities and yoga studios, philosophical discussions, cooking sessions, or singing and dancing on the streets, there are events taking place for everyone's interest.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Nityananda Trayodasi - Friday, February 7th, 2020

9:25:00 PM By Vijay Teli

Friday, February 7th marks the auspicious appearance of Nityananda prabhu who is best known for his compassionate nature. The name Nityananda means eternal happiness. He was the closest associate of Lord Krishna when he incarnated as Lord Caitanya over 500 years ago.  Together they helped spread the chanting of the holy names of the Lord far and wide. Nityananda Prabhu is considered to be the most merciful incarnation of the Lord. Nityananda prabhu's boundless mercy is highlighted by the most famous pastime of the deliverance of the perpetrators, Jagai and Madhai (click here to learn more about this pastime).

Nityananda Trayodasi is a celebration of that form of the Lord that teaches us practically, how to lead a life that is absorbed in loving devotion to Lord Krishna. He is the bestower of spiritual strength who along with other highly esteemed associates, helped spread the sublime chanting of the holy names.

Join us as we celebrate this amazing personality, Nityananda Prabhu! Festivities commence at 6pm and will include a special flower outfit darshan, a discourse, special bhajan (devotional song) and a vegetarian feast.