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Monday, March 30, 2020

Rama Navami Entries: Children's Creations and Online Sessions

10:32:00 PM By Hladini gopika devi dasi

As Rama Navami approaches this Thursday, the students at Krishna Funskool are engaging in interactive activities daily! They are currently learning the Nama Ramayana, a prayer composed of 108 names of Lord Rama that describes His various qualities and pastimes from the Ramayana. 

The classes began last Friday, March 27 and will be completed on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Rama on April 2, 2020. As you can see below, these are going on in full swing with over 30 participants daily! These sessions are facilitated via beautiful visuals and translation of these prayers by our beloved teachers. 

Also see below submissions sent in by our very talented children. A gentle reminder, if you would like to send your child's work, please continue to send pictures everyday by 9pm. And watch this space for daily updates!

Working on the Ramayana theme will help your child understand the pastimes of Lord Rama better and spend more time in being spiritually connected. Click here for resources and guidelines.  

Contributions to date:

1. Sita-Rama by Lakshmipriya Meda (10 yrs)- Mar 30

2. Rama breaking Siva's bow by Chinmay Sivakumar (10 yrs)- Mar 30

3. Rama breaking Siva's bow by Avyukta Sri Ganesh (11 yrs)- Mar 31

4. Video: Sweet and Savoury recipes for Rama Navami. Click HERE to watch the young chef, Avyukta Sri Ganesh (11yrs)- Apr 1.
Please note that this video is hosted on an external site and we have no control over the related videos

5. Sita-Rama in the forest by Saanvi Vanam (8yrs)- Apr 1

6. Lord Rama crossing Rama-setu by Shivansh (6yrs)- Apr 1

7. Lord Rama blessing his devotees by Shreyasi Patel (Gopika) (5yrs)- Apr 2

8. Hanuman fetching sanjeevani herb by Avyukta Sri Ganesh (11yrs)- Apr 2

9. Lord Rama with his bow and arrow by Chinmay Sivakumar (10yrs)- Apr 2

10. Hanuman to the rescue with the life saving herb by Krishnavivek Ivaturi (9 yrs)- Apr 3

11. Jai Sri Rama by Jaya (8 yrs)- Apr 3

12. Sita-Rama strolling by Priya (12 yrs)- Apr 3

13. Lord Rama craftwork by Nandha (7yrs)- Apr 3

14. A colouring and some points on Sita-Rama shared by Saanvi Vanam (8yrs)- Apr 4

15. Rama Navami drawing by Srihita Ashok (7yrs)- Apr 5

16. Sita-Rama Lakshman Hanuman by Taruni Grover (5yrs)- Apr 5

17. Devotees worshipping Sita-Rama by Vitthal Bhakta Joshi (6yrs)- Apr 5