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Monday, March 2, 2020

Survey: Educational Seminars

12:57:00 AM By Vijay Teli

Education is the cornerstone for development and success. It is meant to equip us to better deal with the ups and downs of existence yet we inevitably find that our toolbox lacks those essential life-saving hacks. Material education by and large teaches us how to make a living but it seldom teaches us how to live. This clearly reflects in the unfortunate trend today where people have tasted the sweet heights of success in terms of technological advancement yet the mental health, suicide and crime rates soar.

We are embarking on an initiative to offer educational seminars (spiritual and life skills) at our Temple at 243 Avenue Road. We are requesting you to kindly fill out this short 30 second survey to help understand your preference for topics, frequency and best time to schedule the seminars. For all categories, please pick as many choices as you like. The link for the form is here: