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Friday, May 1, 2020

Children's Nrsimha Caturdasi Activities

10:54:00 PM By Hladini gopika devi dasi

Nrsimha Caturdasi is the appearance celebration of the Lord's half-man half-lion incarnation. This year it falls on Wednesday May 6 and we have many festivities lined up for that week. Please check out here how you and your family can benefit from some online participation as our temple remains closed.

After the success of our Krishna Funskool online activities for Rama Navami, we have decided to continue the same for this festival as well- an extended festival for the whole month! Yes, you heard that right! Please read on to see what we have lined up for your children. 

Camp Nrsimha (for ages 5-12 years) is a virtual weekly interactive event that will be held every Tuesday of the month: May 5, 12, 19 and 26. This will involve a bunch of fun activities like learning the pastime of the Lord while imbibing key values like compassion, steadfast devotion and strength to deal with stressful situations like the five year old prince Prahalad. There will be role play, crafts and more with some weekly assignment that children can work on over the week. 

Also below are a list of activities that we would like to encourage children to engage in as per their age and/or ability. Some of these will be selected and posted on this website every week! Parents can send a picture of their child's work every week by 9:00 PM on Saturday to:

The theme for the month of May is, the Pastimes of Lord Nrsimha and Prahlad Maharaj.
Suggestions include:
1.       Colouring pages
2.       Drawing events related to the pastime
3.       Creating dioramas using modelling clay and recyclables (Lord Nrsimha emerging from the pillar is a great hit!)
4.       Creating themed crafts, for eg: make a Nrsimha lion mask or talons to wear over your fingers
5.       Sharing recipes prepared for offering to the Lord 
6.       Writing poems 
7.       Writing small biographies on the personalities like Prahlad Maharaj who is one of the twelve mahajans, or the identity of Hiranyakashipu in Vaikuntha, describing their roles and relationship relevant to the pastime

Resources are to be found here: Nrsimha colouring pages (Google),,

Please inspire your children to participate in this endeavour so we can stay connected on a regular basis with these fun activities.