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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Nrsimha Caturdasi Entries: Children's Creations and Online Sessions

3:55:00 PM By Hladini gopika devi dasi

                         The Toronto Hare Krishna Temple!: Nrsimha Caturdasi - Saturday ...

On May 6 we celebrated the festival that marked the appearance of the Lord in his wondrous form of half man-half lion. Lord Nrsimha stunned the worlds when He appeared and continues to do so today with his contradictory personality. Just like a cub that feels safe in the mouth of the lion, a sincere devotee is assured that the Lord will protect him from all kinds of impediments.

The online festivities lasted from May 3-6, however, for the children the fun will last a WHOLE MONTH! We have Camp Nrsimha (ages 5-12 years), a virtual weekly interactive event that will be held every Tuesday of the month: May 5, 12, 19 and 26These sessions are facilitated via beautiful visuals, sharing of the pastime (story), and other learnings by our beloved teachers at Krishna Funskool. Pictures of the session to be included shortly!

Also see below submissions sent in to us. A gentle reminder, if you would like to send in your child's work, please send pictures by Saturday 9pm each week. The pictures should be accompanied by the child's name, age and caption for their work. Watch this space for weekly updates! 
Please note: Videos will have to be updated to your personal Youtube channel/an external source so please send us the links only, not the file itself. 

Working on the theme of Lord Nrsimha and his devotee Prahlad will help your child understand how at any age they can be spiritually connected in a variety of ways. Click HERE for resources and guidelines. 

Contributions to Date

1. Colouring of Lord Nrsimha by Sujay (5yrs)

2. Drawing of Lord Nrsimha killing Hiranyakashipu by Avighnay Chakraborty (5yrs)

3. Colouring of Prahlad being saved by Lord Vishnu by Saanvi Vanam (8yrs)

4. Mask craftwork of Lord Nrsimha by Saanvi Vanam (8yrs)

5. Drawing of Prahlad seeking protection of the Lord while in the fire 
by Chinmay Sivakumar (10yrs)

6. Cute videos HERE and HERE of a Nrsimhadeva Chatterbox by Gauri Valhe (10yrs)
Please note that this video is hosted on an external site and we have no control over the related videos

7. Craft-work, Nrsimhadev emerging from the pillar by Nandha (7yrs)

8. Prahalad offering prayers to Lord Nrsimha by Chinmay Sivakumar (10yrs)

9. Nrsimhadev with His conch and spinning disc by Srihita (7 yrs)