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Friday, May 2, 2014

Vaishnava C.A.R.E. Seminar

12:30:00 AM By Unknown

"And whoever, at the end of his life, quits his body remembering Me alone at once attains My nature. Of this there is no doubt" (Bhagavad-gita 8.5) 

Srila Prabhupada displayed the most caring, loving, compassionate and personal qualities! This seminar will be presented by Her Grace Sangita devi dasi, a senior Prabhupada disciple from the U.S. Her grace is a very knowledgeable registered and hospice nurse with many years of medical and spiritual experience. She is also the founder of ISKCON's Vaishnava's C.A.R.E (Counselling, Assistance, Resource and Education for the Terminally Ill and Family) and author of The Final Journey, the most practical guide on passing away of a devotee.

Learn the art of caring for a dying devotee in our community. The following topics and more will be covered:

  • Krishna Consciousness and Hospice Philosophy
  • Holistic Care for Terminally Ill Devotees
  • Communicating with One Who is Dying
  • Stages of Loss and Grief
  • Personal Awareness Activities
  • What is End-of-Life Spiritual Pain?
  • How Can YOU Help? 
Here's the tentative schedule:
10am-12:30pm - First part of the seminar 
12:30pm-1:00pm - Lunch break
1:00pm-3:30pm - Second part of the seminar 

Registration is mandatory; please sign up here. Suggested donations are to be determined.

Please join us and learn how you can be part of ISKCON Toronto's first V-Care team.

Stay tuned for more details!