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Monday, May 30, 2016

Can you Guess the Story Depicted?

1:57:00 PM By Kevala-Bhakti Dasa (Keshav)

One of our young, talented artists in our community, Amandeep, has been contributing his artistic abilities for the temple!  Below is a beautiful sketch that he has made, depicting a very special story that was recently highlighted at a recent festival!  Can you guess what is happening in this drawing?  If so, leave a comment and let us know!  Hare Krishna!


Anonymous said...

Hare Krsna Prabhu,

It is the famous story of Madhavendra puri where Lord Gopinath stole sweet rice for him and recently we celebrated the sweet rice festival at New Remuna Dham.

Kevala Bhakti das (Keshav) said...

Correct! And can you describe what exactly is happening in this scene? :o)

Anonymous said...

The priest got a dream from Gopinath and Gopinath told the priest that He has stolen a pot of sweet rice for his devotee Madhavendra Puri and hid near behind His feet somewhere. Also the priest should go and find Madhavendra Puri and gave him the sweet rice.

Now Kevala Bhakti Prabhu, i hope you are coming back to teach us Bhakti Sastri


Kevala Bhakti das (Keshav) said...

Congratulations! You've answered correctly! Well done! Btw, I'm happy to serve in any way that Sri Sri Radha Ksira-Chora Gopinatha wants me to! :o) Hare Krsna!